Customer support

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1 What are the pallets?
1.1 What are on the pallets?

The merchandise varies on each pallet depending on the retailer we purchased from and the category of the merchandise. 

2 Wholesale Liquidation
2.1 How much do the the pallets cost?

The cost of the pallets vary by the merchandise. Pallets of merchandise typically start @$250 and range up from there in price depending on the retail value of the pallet.

2.2 How do I pay for the pallets

Our pallets of merchandise are for pick up in person only and not sold online. 


We have different payment options:



Cashapp  ( 2.75% fee)

Debit Card (2.5% fee)


No Credit Cards 

2.3 Where do you purchase these pallets from?

We purchase from some of the largest retailers in the US and purchase semi-truckloads each week.

2.4 Are the items on the pallets new?

We do have some pallets that are new overstock merchandise but the majority will be customer returns.